Frequently Asked Questions



How long does the static charge lasts?

The duration of the “clingness” is linked to many factors, including surface area, external environment, dust levels, and the texture of the wall. Funstatic stick for longer in dry, temperate, dust-free environments. In ideal conditions, Funstatic can cling to your wall for several months or even years.



Can I recharge my Travel Map/Photos?

Some of the charge can be restored. Simply rub the map/photos onto fabrics or hair and stick it to the wall.



What is Funstatic made of?

We use an electrostatic charged polypropylene film, which is a recyclable thermoplastic polymer.



Is Funstatic recyclable?

Yes. Our film is considered a plastic of category 5. This means it is 100% recyclable. Also, the liner can be recycled along the standard film.



Is Funstatic water resistant?

Funstatic loses part of the charge in wet conditions, it is not recommended to use it in wet/moist environments (e.g. bathrooms).



Can I use Funstatic outside?

We do not recommend to use Funstatic outside, since the static charge is very sensitive to wind and humidity.



Can I write on Funstatic?

Absolutely! You can use any writing utensil, although we recommend using ballpoint pens, permanent markers, or erasable pens. We do not recommend gel pens, due to its longer time to dry and hence, the risk of dripping.
Note: Alcohol-based markers can damage the surface and are more difficult to erase.


Is Funstatic repositionable? How often can it be moved?

Yes, you can reposition Funstatic. However, the fewer times it is moved the longer it stays on a surface.

What is the shelf life of printed Funstatic?

One year if it is wrapped and stored in a clean dry location.